“Striving for a healthy lifestyle can be stressful when dealing with a hectic schedule. That’s why I have teamed up with TRU Supplements to create a revitalizing and refreshing beverage that deliciously boosts your hydration and wellness.”

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Making healthy choices

I have been committed to a vegan lifestyle for over 10 years, and plant-based nutrition has always been a passion of mine. Finding the perfect products is tough - especially one that doesn’t cut any corners. I am glad to say, I have truly found the most amazing vegan-friendly, plant-based company. I am so excited to bring this to you ❤️

Vegan friendly
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Tru quality
Perfect protein

My signature flavor

I decided to team up with TRU to develop my signature flavor, Chocolate Peanut Butter (yum!). We combined organic brown rice and organic pea protein with real chocolate and peanut butter to bring you the best tasting plant protein out there!

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micronutrients needed

TRU Protein contains

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MY favorite products


TRU Hydrate is our delicious, zero calorie, zero sugar, all day drinkable formula of the crucial electrolytes our bodies need to function optimally.

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TRU Vitamin is the daily super formula that bridges the gap between our food intake and many essential nutrients that optimize our bodies systems of metabolism, immunity, recovery, and even joint health.

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TRU ACV gives you all the incredible, fat-burning benefits of liquid apple cider vinegar inside a vegan-friendly veggie capsule.

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